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Orlando is home to over 100 lakes, 100parks, and 21community centers. Orlando is a city located in the state of Florida, US. It is known as “The theme park capital of the modern world”. Most of its famous attractions are located along the international drive. The most famous among others is Walt Disney world resort, SeaWorld, Universal Orlando Resort, Gatorland and Wet ‘n’ Wild. In a lifetime, a visit to Orlando completes a full life. It is a destination that offers a full sense of fun and amusement parks are something you wouldn’t want to miss.

Arguably, Las Vegas is a city that needs little to no introduction. With its world-class restaurants, five-star resorts, nightlife, and peculiar entertainments. Las Vegas is a city that has earned its spot as one of the world’s premier tourist destinations. The ever famous Las Vegas is still booming with flashy-mega resorts, but it has moved past the dazzling lights and flashing Neon. I bet, you will be surprised and at the same time amazed. It boasts of superb amenities and an attraction on a geographical outlook, Las Vegas is situated within Clark country, surrounded by mountain ranges on all side. Most of its landscape is rocky and its desert vegetation is attractive with an interesting wildlife.

Bahamas is an island country. It is officially the Commonwealth of Bahamas. This island country of the Lucayan Archipelago has over 700 islands, cays, and islets in the Atlantic Ocean. The Bahamas was British crown colony in 1718, after the “American war” for independence; the crown resettled thousands of US loyalists in the Bahamas. Slavery was abolished in 1834 and today descendants of slaves and free Africans make up to 90% of the population.

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We are a travel agency that offers a one-end-solution to all your travel and tourism needs. With over 15years of experience, we accomplish our tasks with some added advantage over other travel agencies. In addition to securing your perfect tourist location across the globe, we sell hotel rooms and family vacation houses that fit your imagination.

We will help find the perfect holidays for you!


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