Stress free Travel Tips

by Yovanka Ramirez

Everything is ready for your next adventure. You are packing suitcases and then begin to have doubts as to whether it is important or necessary to carry all that is packed. Traveling can be fun but it can also be frustrating without the right tool. The technology that is now available in our Smartphone’s may make traveling easier, but there are still some things that we have to take with us, especially on a long trip. Let's start with the most important items, carry a color copy of your Passport and hand written information relevant to your flights, rental car, hotel bookings and emergency numbers. Although you may have all this information stored on your Smartphone it becomes useless if the phone is lost, has a flat battery or cell service problems where your info cannot be retrieved. Another important thing to carry is basic medications, which a hotel may not offer/carry or may not be easily purchased. Meds for flu, headache, stomach problems, diarrhea and other common travel ailments are better to have on hand rather than hoping to get them when needed. One of the most important elements of your travels is the weather. Being familiar with the weather and its patterns of your destination will determine what attire you need to pack and how much. Applying one of the many popular weather apps on your phone can keep you updated and alerted to changing weather conditions. If you are visiting a country where you don't speak the native language a language translation app can help you with some basic communication and pull you out of some small problems that can become big problems without precise communication. Do you have to make a currency exchange, or want to know what a bottle of water worth 50 baht in US currency? Then a currency conversion app is a must, it’s a real life saver for on the spot shopping. Another life saver for overseas travel is a voltage converter with travel plugs that allow you to keep all your gadgets running all the time. At the time of flying also consider your dress. Keep it simple, casual and comfortable. It makes going through security check points simple and frustration free and the overall comfort of your trip pleasant. Leave the leather belts. Tight jeans and heals in the suitcase. Also check to see if your Airline has an app that allows you to store your boarding passes for paper free flying. You can now start to enjoy your new adventure, have a good trip!

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