Puerto Vallarta, Mexico:

On your consideration for the next travel destination, take your time and travel to a Mexican beach resort city. The resort welcomes numerous hosts from different parts of the world. If you are looking for a quiet, exotic and ever-green location; also a location endowed with endless white sand, beaches, and unimaginable mountain and rainforest. Puerto, Vallarta is the choice. The English speakers call the city ‘’P.V.’’ Puerto Vallarta is situated on the Pacific Ocean. It is the second largest urban agglomeration in the in the entire state after Guadalajana. Its climate is typically-topically wet and dry. The season extends from mid-June through October. The city was named “The friendliest city, in the world”. The people’s warmth can only be matched with amazing morning star that graces the heavens. A language barrier is equally not very challenging as there are many Spanish and English speakers. Before you take your trip to Puerto, Vallarta or P.V, Find out about the basics, and other necessary facts that you require. This resort city is popular for its white-sand beaches, warmth, diving, surfing, sailing, and snorkeling. It is also not devoid of amazing beaches bars, casinos, and nightclubs. Puerto, Vallarta offers you the exotic experience of your life; with the grace of the second happiest people on earth, you will a lot to write home about. Why choose Puerto, Vallarta: P.V is very civilized, modernized and hospitable. The people’s warmth is unmatched and there are a lot of adventures to explore. This Caribbean Island is an evergreen mountain with the waterfall and amazing sites that will keep you all occupied. It is the one-end solution to all vacation needs.

Orlando, US

Orlando is home to over 100 lakes, 100parks, and 21community centers. Orlando is a city located in the state of Florida, US. It is known as “The theme park capital of the modern world”. Most of its famous attractions are located along the international drive. The most famous among others is Walt Disney world resort, SeaWorld, Universal Orlando Resort, Gatorland and Wet ‘n’ Wild. In a lifetime, a visit to Orlando completes a full life. It is a destination that offers a full sense of fun and amusement parks are something you wouldn’t want to miss. You have a lot to explore; the theme park, golf course, culture, arts, dining, outdoor adventures and an amazing nightlife which compliments your itinerary. On geographical aspects, Orlando is mostly wetland, consisting of swamps and lakes; the terrain is flat and this makes the land fairly wet and low. Orlando’s climate is humid subtropical with two major seasons each year, hot and rainy. The warmth and humid climate are caused by the low elevation. It is positioned close to the tropic of cancer and located in the center of a peninsula. Orlando’s transportation: Orlando has one of the busiest airports in the US. The Orlando international airport (MCO) is the major primary airport. It is the second busiest in the city of Florida. The Orlando Sanford International Airport is near a suburb of Sanford. The bus services and other transportation system are second to none. They offer quick and amazing services. Technology is at its peak in Orlando. Why choose Orlando? Only a few destinations are traveler’s friendly like Orlando. It offers many travel options, an adventurous journey, and an amazing transport system. Whether it’s a trip for families, couples, singles or friends, Orlando offers many activities that beat your expectations. Orland’s gateway is whatever you want it to be. Discover for yourself the amazing destination Orlando offers.

Las Vegas

Arguably, Las Vegas is a city that needs little to no introduction. With its world-class restaurants, five-star resorts, nightlife, and peculiar entertainments. Las Vegas is a city that has earned its spot as one of the world’s premier tourist destinations. The ever famous Las Vegas is still booming with flashy-mega resorts, but it has moved past the dazzling lights and flashing Neon. I bet, you will be surprised and at the same time amazed. It boasts of superb amenities and an attraction on a geographical outlook, Las Vegas is situated within Clark country, surrounded by mountain ranges on all side. Most of its landscape is rocky and its desert vegetation is attractive with an interesting wildlife. The peaks surrounding Las Vegas act as a strong barrier to the strong flow of the moisture around. Climate: Las Vegas is a subtropical-hot desert climate. The city enjoys abundant sunlight all around the year and it is free of tornadoes and ice storms. Las Vegas winters are short and the seasons are considerably mild. The temperature can reach freezing mark but rarely sink to - 7 degree centigrade. The major attractions in Las Vegas are casinos and hotel. Recently, many other attractions are springing up like a wildfire. The transportation system is up to standards. The RTC transit is a public transportation system which provides bus service throughout the city. The inter-city bus is also there to compliment RTC transit services. The bus rapid-transit links Las Vegas strips a downtown express. The downtown express is an entertainment and gambling hub. Outside the city, there are limits to the unincorporated commune of paradise and Winchester in Clark County. The people are very friendly and diversified. Why choose Las Vegas Las Vegas is well known for its spectacular resorts. The city itself is never far in pages of history as they don’t disappoint when it comes to the amusement and exotic life. The masquerade balls comedy act, headliner, concerts, and magic shows are among the numerous events that crown Las Vegas. In Las Vegas, no matter the location you enter, there is always a show to see. You’ve got many options in the ever-busy city. It is a city devoid of dull moments.


Bahamas is an island country. It is officially the Commonwealth of Bahamas. This island country of the Lucayan Archipelago has over 700 islands, cays, and islets in the Atlantic Ocean. The Bahamas was British crown colony in 1718, after the “American war” for independence; the crown resettled thousands of US loyalists in the Bahamas. Slavery was abolished in 1834 and today descendants of slaves and free Africans make up to 90% of the population. Geography: Bahamas lies between latitudes of 200 and 28*N and longitudes of 72* and 80*W. The closest Bahamas Island to the United States is Biminis’s island; it is the gateway to Bahamas’s islands. All islands are flat, low, and with ridges that is not more than 49 to 66 ft. Climate: the Bahamas enjoy a tropical savannah climate. There has never been frost or freeze reported in the Bahamas, and temperature has fallen to 3-5degree centigrade in the past. There is little difference between the coolest and warmest months. As with other climates, the tropical climates, the seasonal rainfall is followed by sun and the wettest season is the summer. The Bahamas is often sunny and dry. Bahamas Culture: This city is rich in culture and cultural heritage. Handcraft ranges from basketry, straw, and bags. There are also voodoo and dulls even though it is as a result of American imagination and not basically on historical reality. In the Bahamas, the practice of obeah is illegal and punishable by law, but in family islands, some Bahamas practice obeah. Obeah is a form of folk magic. Many sweet dishes are associated with Bahamas cuisine; most times this reflects the Caribbean, African and European influences. The Bahamas culture is reaching in legends, folklore, traditions, beliefs, and lifestyle. The Bahamas also compromise of Lusca in Andros, Pretty molly on Exuma Bahamas, lost the city of Atlantis on Biminis Bahamas and chickencharnies of the Andro Bahamas. Why choose the Bahamas? If you wish to explore nature, experience quality good nights’ sleep and enjoy the fun of the island; the Bahamas is the perfect destination. There is room for accommodation no matter your budget and preference. This island is naturally-mysterious and the people are enthusiastic.

Los Cabos, Mexico

While some destination in Mexico may be somewhat dangerous, Los Cabos is not one of them. It is located on the tip Baja California Sur, right between the sea of Cortez and the ocean. The Los Cabos region spread towards two major cities, these cities are “Cabo San Lucas” and ‘San Jose Del Cabo”. Weather: Los Cabos weather is most times tropically mild. The destination is laid back and casual. The weather is hardly harsh and remains calm all around the seasons. The resort and restaurants offer purified water sources, the best option is to always ask for bottled water. Los Cabos is a very Americanized city. You will hardly have any difficulties as an English speaker because merchants and employees speak good English. The cuisine options are of international-standard and restaurants are safe, modern, classy and welcoming. Los Cabos is beautiful; the people are welcoming and very cooperative. The geography is mountainous-snowy and calm. The terrain is moderately smooth but beautiful. It is one of the most popular destinations in Mexico due to its amazing beauty and its unending adventurous activities. There are over 30-kilometer corridors of resorts and the highway connects two biggest towns “San Jose Del Cabos” and Cabo San Lucas. Los Cabos is a home to scuba diving and great snorkeling. It is considered one of the best places to dive in the world. The diving home is so spectacular and there are lots of aquarium ranging from dolphins, manta rays, whales, sea lions, and hundreds of fishes. The climate is unique because it conforms to the human homeostasis. Very little rain/humidity, great winter holiday, and the season never get so hot or so cold. Los Cabos nightlife is very legendary, there are plenty of bars, clubs and dancing activities. Surfing and yoga are also very popular. Why choose Los Cabos Without worrying about knowing how to speak Spanish, you can travel to this amazing location; explore its amazing resorts, nightlife, several environments, and exotic lifestyle. It is naturally welcoming and very adventurous. Los Cabos is an all good travel destination.

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun was built for tourism. It has the alpha as one of the Caribbean destinations with infrastructures, security, modern amenities, and great services physiology which rivals leisure destination around the globe. It enjoys over 3.2 million annual visitors; a wide range of seaport, challenge to golf cruises, renowned eco parts, Luxurious spas, and wonderful cub driving makes Cancun what it is. If you planning to have an exotic romantic location where you will tie the knot, Cancun is a choice that beats others hands-down. It offers natural beauty, infinite adventures, North American style conveniences, cultural treasures, and unequal money-worth experiences. Layout: Apart from the tourist zone, the Mexican residential section also has a master plan. Superblocks, giant’s trapezoids with open, central, non-residential zone cut by the u-shaped residential street. Mainland Cancun is made colorful by a central market. It resembles an outlet mall, adorned with colorful buildings on its pedestrian city block. There are also archaeological zones in Mayan; these are small Mayan vestiges, the pre-Colombian Maya civilization, and other substantial sites. The transportation system is something to write home about. Cancun international airport serves air purposes. It has many flights to Asia, South American, North American, Central American and Europe. The airport is located close to the hotel zone and serves over 1.5million passengers yearly. The climate: Cancun enjoys a tropical climate, there is dry climate and wet tropical climate and only small difference exist in temperature but very prominent unlike the inland areas of most cities, sea breezes restrict very high temperature from reaching 35centegrade. It is hottest from May to September due to the fact that humidity and Caribbean humidity is a high year rounded. The hotel zones are surrounded by oceans thus daytime temperature is always warm with lows of about 26 Celsius in winter and highs of about 29 Celsius in summer seasons. Rainy seasons extend from January but peaks in October; February and early March tends to be drier and warmer with few scattered showers. Although larges hurricanes are relatively rare, hurricanes have struck near Cancun in recent times. The easy accessibility of the city tourist is made easier by the transportation system. You can enjoy the night in some remote Pacific beaches or at upbeat hotels or magical village(s) where you can meet fellow travelers who also came to enjoy the big adventures. Jungle, forests, deserts, oceans, and other activities like scuba diving raffling, kayaking, skydiving, hang gliding, hot air ballooning, surging and other numerous activities that beats your imaginations. Why Cancun: The city offers you imaginations-come-true adventures. It is wealthy and rich with adventures.

Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Guanacaste is a popular province of Costa Rica, it is located in the northwestern part of the country, along with the coast of the great Pacific, Guanacaste is a paradise of clean beaches bathed by the sun. It is a tropical rainforest with a smiling, a happy and friendly inhabitant who are happy and lively. Tourists enjoy an incredible diversity of flora and fauna, beaches and countless rivers and impressive volcanoes. Cost Rica is highly advantaged due to its location in the heart of Central America. One can just travel from coast to coast in just 45minutes by plane or 3hours by car. Its ecosystem is blessed by a variety of aquatic ecosystems, beautiful black, and white sand beaches. These features provide the setting for sunbathing, sports fishing, snorkeling, and other tourist amusements. In the Golfito region, surfing fans can find the famous long “Lefthander wave” and other popular surfing regions like Esterillos, Boca Barranca, Jaco, and others. Geography: This province is naturally built to fit. It is bounded on the east by the green-swathed volcanoes which form the Cordillera de Tilaran and the Cordillera de Guanacaste. The numerous rivers tumble out the steep mountains and vast alluvial plain by Rio Temisque. The alluvial plains empty via swampy wetlands into the Golfo de Nicoya. Climate: The province of Guanacaste enjoy little rain and consistent heat throughout November to April. This climatic is endowed in ubiquitous tropical dry season. Tourists take advantage of this; they seek out dry heat during North American winter in order to enjoy the amazing Guanacastacan beaches and season. From May to October, the climate is in moderate temperature, and shower daily. Uniquely, Guanacaste is warmer than most provinces located in higher elevation. Tourism Adventures: Guanacaste main attractions include: Land, water, mountains volcanoes ecosystems and rich culture. There are five surrounding tourism development centers which flank each other. These are El coco, Papagayo, flamingo, Tamarindo and conchal. The other commercial area Santa Cruz is also never devoid of fun and tourist adventures. WHY GUANACASTE This province is sophisticated with tourist’s requirements, Costa Rica in general offers hotels that match every budget, destination, type, and even group size. There are also varieties of options when it comes to transportation; rental cars, vans, horsebacks, ferries, bus, and domestic cars. The ecosystem and culture are alluring and friendly.